Lead Ingot


Lead Ingot

Rembert Engineering  offers Ingot lead, Pig Lead and Lead sows weighing from 5 lbs to 2000 pounds in 3 standard lead grades Chemical, Corroding and pure lead in addition we also have custom alloys available. If you don’t see the size or shape lead you need Rembert Engineering  can custom pour the size and shape you require.

Counter Weights
Radiation protection
Re-melt for industrial applications


Lead Ingots for cast lead bullets

Hand-cast lead bullets go back hundreds of years before the appearance of jacketed bullets. In fact, until well into the 20th century, jacketed bullets were not as accurate as hand cast bullets.

Today, hand cast bullets are more likely to be used in hand gun shooting for reasons of cost and convenience due to the tremendous variety of shapes and sizes of molds available

While lead can be melted over a kitchen stove, an electric casting furnace is a lot more comfortable! Other than the correct mold, the only other equipment you’ll need is a sizer-lubricator with sizing die(s). This apparatus sizes the bullet to the correct diameter and perfect roundness and fills the bullet’s lube grooves with lubricant.

It is a good idea to add Antimony and Tin to the bullets making an alloy with 10 parts lead to 1 part Antimony and Tin. This will produce good hard bullets.